Death Coming Accidentally Graduates From Early Access After Dev Pushed The Wrong Button
Death Coming Early Access

Apparently Valve needs to fix the Early Access update feature because yet another developer has inadvertently published their game to the Steam store after smashing the wrong button.

Yes, the game Death Coming has accidentally graduated from Early Access after the team mistakenly pressed the wrong button after attempting to fix some bugs.

Next Studio released a statement via a press release, saying…

“On Nov. 7th, we uploaded Version 426 after fixing bugs all through the night. However, at the same time, we accidentally released the game unexpectedly! When we spotted this from comments by players, we found we could not go back to *Early Access*. Even though we are mad with ourselves, we have to accept this accident.


“Just like our slogan: life is about accidents and how we face up to them. We will face it. In an unexpected way, we have jumped from beta test to releasing, but that doesn’t mean we have done our work. On the contrary, we are still doing our best to make it the best game possible.”

The developers are begging gamers to not treat the current release of Death Coming as the final release. They’re going to continue to update the game and release patches, even though it shows that it’s graduated from Early Access.

For now the game is discounted by 35% off during the first week of being on sale, but it will eventually return to the $9.99 price point on November 13th.

It’s a rather unfortunate turn of events, even though it’s also kind of funny given the theme of the game. You see, Death Coming is pretty much an isometric puzzle-game version of the movie series Final Destination.

Yes, you will have to rig contraptions to kill people and reap their souls.

You’ll have use the environment to wreck havoc, avoid being spotted by the agents of light, and prevent yourself from succumbing to the tricks and traps of mortals.

The sandbox nature of the game and non-linear structure to completing the tasks has already made it a popular game on Steam Early Access, but I don’t know how well this inadvertent trigger-pulling will affect the popularity of Death Coming for the long haul.

Anyway, you can slap on some Jen Titus and boot up a copy of Death Coming right now even though it’s still supposed be in Early Access. Alternatively you can keep an eye on the game’s update page on the Steam store to find out when it will be finalized and complete.


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