Deep Rock Galactic, Co-op Space Mining Game Gets Free Weekend Nov 9th
Deep Rock Galactic

One of the most original first-person multiplayer games currently in development by Ghost Ship Games and being funded by publisher Coffee Stain Studios, the makers of Goat Simulator, is Deep Rock Galactic. It’s a multiplayer co-op game where players journey into deep space with a group of dwarves as they attempt to mine rare ore from the planetary belly of death’s gut, and sign-ups for the free alpha weekend are currently live over on the official website.

While it might sound like a breezy walk in the park, the reality is that Deep Rock Galactic challenges players to work together as a team to not only setup a drilling operation on a hostile planet but also dig deep into the ground for rare loot. This will require lots of exploration, drilling, pick-axing and even some zip-lining.

Along the way some players will have to work as bodyguards for the other players as they attempt to haul the cargo back to the mining rig. Environmental hazards will pose serious threats to you and your crew the deeper you go, so you’ll have to bring along the proper equipment to handle the alien threats standing between you and your payday.

If this sounds remotely interesting to you, just check out the trailer below and you’ll be even more impressed with Deep Rock Galactic.

The gameplay may be set within a typical first-person perspective, but the idea of working with your team in these cramped, mysterious caverns where you have no idea where these life-threatening aliens will come pouring out after you is part of what makes it kind of exciting and thrilling.

Coffee Stain wanted to give gamers an opportunity to play-test the game for themselves with the free open alpha weekend starting next week on November 9th, 2017 over the course of the weekend and it will wrap up on November 12th, 2017.

You’ll only have up until midnight of November 6th to register for the open-alpha test, which will take place over on Steam. Registration is free over on the official Deep Rock Galactic website.

Once the limited testing phases are complete Coffee Stain and Ghost Ship Games will aim to launch Deep Rock Galactic into Early Access on Steam in early 2018. Thereafter they also have plans on putting the game into the Xbox One’s Game Preview program along with allowing gamers on Windows 10 to play it as well.


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