Dengeki Shows Off More Monster Hunter: World Character Creation And Gameplay

The last piece of information surrounding Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World was that there will be no loot-boxes at launch. Well, the newest piece of information from Capcom involves a team-up with Dengeki Online Channel to show off 20 minutes of Monster Hunter: World gameplay.

Monster Hunter: World is currently set to launch worldwide for PS4 and Xbox One come January 26th, 2018. Folks on PC will be able to gain access to World at a later date, which is currently unknown at the moment.

While on the topic of platforms that Monster Hunter: World will be on, Capcom revealed that an exclusive PS4 beta will open up and allow folks to test the game starting this year, 2017, beginning on December 9th and ending on December 12th.

Moreover, we last learned from an interview between publication site GameSpot and Capcom’s┬áseries producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, and game director Yuuya Tokuda that Monster Hunter: World will not feature microtransactions or loot-boxes.

The most recent news that comes in by Dengeki Online Channel shows off more character customization options and the act of adventuring and battling various monsters.

You can check out the first video that runs for 11 minutes in length, which gives us a look at more character customization options in the character creation menu and what it’s like to travel and battle.

The second video is all about battling creatures and questing with various weapons. This second video that both Dengeki and Capcom teamed up to put out runs for nine minutes and can be seen right here.

Lastly, if you happen to have a PS4 it’s best to try out Monster Hunter: World beta when December 9th rolls around to test out the character creation, the new weapons and other functions to see whether or not the game is worth picking up.

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