Don’t Play This Game EXE Demo Now Available For PC

Don’t Play This Game EXE has been in development for a long time and is still a mystery via its Steam Early Access page. Whether this PC game is shovelware or something worth keeping an eye on remains to be seen, buy while you wait for it to release you can test it now for free through a playable demo that’s currently live.

I can’t tell if this game is a joke or if the devs behind Don’t Play This Game EXE are serious. I say this because the game has been in development for a very long time and even had a beta, but it acts like it could be a potential virus given that it has no official website and its description is the following:

“0̸1̸0̵0̵1̴1̵0̴0̶ ̶0̵1̴0̷0̶1̶1̷1̴1̴ ̴0̵1̴0̸0̸0̸0̶0̸1̵ ̷0̵1̷0̵0̴0̸1̴0̵0̷ ̵0̸1̴0̶0̷1̶0̶0̷1̷ ̴0̶1̸0̶0̶1̷1̵1̶0̶ ̶0̸1̵0̸0̷0̷1̵1̵1̴”

The devs behind Don’t Play This Game EXE have no real publisher or developer names, but seeing that the game is set to launch on November 28th, 2017, and has a free playable demo makes the game all the more strange.

If you’ve never seen Don’t Play This Game EXE, it draws heavily from SuperHot and features both gun and swordplay. The game takes up a first-person shooter setup and follows the same color pattern as SuperHot, but it’s also a lot darker in tone.

The official video trailer showing this strange game can be seen below thanks to GameMania.

Every update pertaining to this game is cryptic and never provides a direct answer as to what will be at launch and beyond, making it even more specious. If this game is legit and acts as a real-time version of SuperHot and sports a unique story of its own, this game could be very interesting. If it’s not unique and is a failed clone, stay clear of Don’t Play This Game EXE.

With that all said, you can be the judge of Don’t Play This Game EXE by heading on over to Steam and trying the PC demo before its November 28th Early Access release.