Dragon Ball FighterZ Third Trailer Shows Off Bulma, Goku And More

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works have posted a live stream of Dragon Ball FighterZ that shows off quite a bit of gameplay and cut-scenes. The upcoming 2.5D fighter will release across PC, PS4 and Xbox One early in 2018.

The latest stream hosted by Bandai Namco shows off Bulma, who happens to be a non-playable character. However, she does appear to be a reoccurring character in the game’s story mode given recent appearances in scans and in the new third trailer.

The third trailer also shows off Goku and other characters like the inclusion of Napa and Ginyu. We see different stages and events that will take place in the story mode, which includes that of Android 21.

You can check out the third trailer thanks to Bandai Namco 876TV channel.

Next up comes actual gameplay. Two videos feature a wide variety of characters across the roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ and both run for five minutes each.

The first video shows Yamcha, Ginyu, and Goku Vs. Nappa, Krillin and Android 18. The second video continues with characters fighting it out for supremacy and includes Ginyu, Tien, and Cell Vs. Nappa, Goku, and Vegeta.

The two gameplay videos by PS360HD2 sit below.

The second to last piece of information rolls in from ShonenGameZ. The publication site claims that Bandai Namco accidentally showed off the Dragon Ball collecting mechanic. It is said once they are all collected you can wish for the following:

  • Blue – “Please Heal Me!”
  • Red – “Please Grant Me Goku’s Strength”
  • Yellow – “Please Revive My Fallen Allies!”
  • Green – “Please Grant Me An Undying Body”

The last piece of info courtesy of said publication site details character moves. Chiaotzu will die once he successfully uses the self destruct move, however when Ginyu uses body change the opponent can’t change back and the opponent cannot use his team to help fight. Players will find that the team comes out in rotation and depending on what inputs you put in they will perform unique moves.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One on January 26th in the West, and will launch on February 1st in Japan.


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