Dustwind, RTS Online Game Set To Hit Steam Early Access Late 2017

Taking a look over to the indie scene we have Z-Software and Dustwind Studios’ Dustwind. The game takes on a top-down perspective in a real-time strategy setup, all while playing it online. Dustwind is set to hit Steam Early Access late 2017.

Real-time strategy and tactic games can be loads of fun, but I’m not so sure if said genre is well received as an online, co-op/PvP arena shooter that’s all about quick decisions. However, you can be the judge of Dustwind by reading its newly posted description, and watching a new reveal trailer by SteamTrailers below:

“MULTIPLAYER REAL-TIME TACTICS. Make quick tactical decisions, sneak, aim for bodyparts, use traps, drive cars, deploy turrets, play as a dog, and more. Create characters with a variety of skills and gear, and join the CLUSTERFUN! Session-based Coop or PvP. Multiple gamemodes. Map editor.”

The above video is only a reveal trailer and not Dustwind’s official gameplay video, which means that the devs are likely cooking up something to show gamers soon given that the game is slated to launch either this month or sometime in December.

Moreover, the devs claim that Dustwind is meant to be played the way you want to play it insofar that you can explore the vanilla maps and rules or create your very own rules. In addition, you can play maps of your own or ones created by others, which features Steam Workshop support.

Lastly, different types of characters can be assumed that range from humans, dogs, robots to your own custom characters. I’m not sure how in-depth the character creator will be at launch, but given that you can make all sorts of things it shouldn’t be too limited especially with Steam Workshop support.

More information on Dustwind can be found over on its newly posted Steam Early Access page or on its official website dustwind.com.


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