Dynasty Warriors 9 Details More Officers And Hiding Places

Koei Tecmo has taken to Dynasty Warriors 9 official website to show off playable officers like Xin Xianying, Xu Huang, Taishi Ci, Liu Shan, Pang Tong, and Chen Gong. The update also reveals new hiding places that can be purchased around the game’s open world.

Starting with the latest Dynasty Warriors 9 officer update comes Xin Xianying of Jin. She happens to be the daughter of Xin Pi (of Wei), older sister to Xin Chang, and aunt to Yang Hu. It is said that her clever and observant personality has saved her family from danger many times.

The next officer who comes from Wei is Xu Huang. This officer was praised by Cao Cao and noted as “a match to Sun Tzu”. Xu Huang’s wisdom and courage also landed him a spot as one of the Five Generals of Wei. Xu Huang also showed great respect to any friend or foe who proved to be skillful and noteworthy.

A familiar face through the series of Dynasty Warrior games comes officer Taishi Ci. Noted to be a stalwart warrior, he became known for always wielding his weapon for what he believed to be right with a steadfast devotion. After serving Liu Yong, Taishi Ci was forced to submit to Sun Ce where he eventually joined Wu after Liu Yong’s defeat against said faction.

The son of a famous Shu figure, Liu Bei, comes Liu Shan. This officer will be playable in Dynasty Warriors 9. It is said that many thought of Liu Shan as a slow and unfit son due to how he acted only after calmly considering and rationalizing all factors of any situation.

Pang Tong, better known as the Fledgling Phoenix, was commended by many Shu officers for his brilliant military tactics, which his tactics derived from Zhuge Liang. Although he typically put on an act of silliness, he was one who often spoke the truth due to his firm understanding of a situation.

Change Gong of Other joins Dynasty Warriors 9. Despite his typical humorous ways, Chen Gong was willing to make any sacrifice for his ambitions. After realizing that things weren’t going as planned under Cao Cao, he later pledged his loyalty to Lu Bu as a strategist.

Looking over to the purchasable places on the field, there are empty houses which a player can purchase and use as a “Hiding Place.” Players can own Hiding Places in various areas and even invite officers you have a relationship with.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is set to release for PS4 on February 8th in Japan, and for PC, PS4, and Xbox One across the West in early 2018.


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