EA And BioWare Are Discussing If Loot-Boxes Should Be In Anthem

I’m willing to bet that as tired as I am of loot-boxes you are too, right? Well, the never ending saga of loot-boxes continues with EA and BioWare contemplating the implementation of loot-boxes in a $59.99 game known as Anthem, which is about taking up quests and killing enemies to find more random loot.

The sad reality of this disgusting trend of loot-boxes and scam-transactions is that this is only the beginning, unless some committee group stifles this greedy movement. The dawn of the loot era is so bad that news about loot boxes makes it to the public before a game has even released or passed alpha testing.

Speaking of an unreleased game that might have loot-boxes is EA and BioWare’s Anthem. EA is making sure to nickel and dime folks any way possible ahead of Anthem’s launch, which can be seen through various titles like Star Wars Battlefront 2 and other previous titles.

In addition to the above, it sounds like there is internal conflict going on at BioWare after EA wants said “feature” in Anthem. According to publication site GameRant it’s noted that a conversation between gamers and BioWare went down over on Reddit.

The conversion on Reddit started with a fan worried about the potential addition of loot-boxes being in Anthem. The fan even went as far as to point out the controversy regarding Star Wars Battlefront 2, fearing that similar systems would be “shoehorned” in by EA.

Anthem‘s creative director, Brenon Holmes, replied to this concerned fan who wrote the following:

“I hear you. We’re talking a fair bit about this at the moment. I can’t really talk about it too much, but it’s an ongoing discussion.


“A bunch of folks on the team have similar positions on monetization…so that perspective is definitely represented.”

The problem at this point is that the amount of controversy surrounding EA, BioWare, and loot-boxes for Anthem to work is just too high. I could be wrong and Anthem could be a great game, but at this point EA seems to want gamers to hate anything in relation to their work.

Time will tell whether if loot-boxes will be implemented in Anthem and if BioWare can live long enough before or after the game releases to the public to consume.


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