Esports Life Launches On Steam November 30th
eSports Life

Spanish developer U-Play Online announced that eSports Life for Steam will be released on November 30th for PC via Steam. The game received a new launch trailer to accompany the announcement, detailing a few of the game’s features and a look at some of the managerial gameplay mechanics.

With two weeks to go before launch, gamers have plenty of time to get acquainted with the life of a competitive gamer. The trailer doesn’t show the actual UI or control schemes, but we do get to see how players will have their e-sports player lodged firmly in a gaming chair playing competitive MOBAs, RTS and FPS games. We also see where the players start from the comfort of their rooms and then eventually evolve and grow until they’re competing on the grand stage in international tournaments.

You can scope out the new trailer for the game below.

I wonder if they’ll make it like real-life where the only competitive female players who can hang with the guys in the tournament scene are the ones who stand up to pee?

Anyway, it appears as if the games within the game are played out using still images of the characters. As we see in a few of the shots the different character classes engage in back and forth attacks, which presumably is how eSports Life conveys when a competitor is winning or losing during the bout.

It must have been awfully cold during that desert afternoon.

Beyond playing games and competing in tournaments, player characters will meet up with some of the top teams in the world of e-sports, including Fnatic, G2 Sports, Millennium, PSG and Heretics.

You’ll start off as an amateur and eventually find ways to become a trendsetter while moving up the ranks, hoping to go from being a scrub like LowTierGod, to a whiny little loser like PG Punk, to eventually becoming a professional choker like Justin Wong, and then finally you can become a real winner like the human car crash that is Mango.

Anyway, if you’re really into e-sports and you just can’t get enough of it, you can attempt to become a legit threat within the digital competitive world when eSports Life launches on November 30th over on the Steam store.


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