Floor Kids, Breakdancing Battle Game Heads To Nintendo Switch This Holiday
Floor Kids Nintendo Switch

Merj Media has announced that the b-boy/b-girl dancing battle game, Floor Kids, is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch this holiday season. The game was announced during a Nintendo Direct, and we didn’t get to see much of it since then.

Well, the developers announced that the release window has been narrowed down to a holiday release and that it will be up and out before the year concludes.

If you missed it before, Floor Kids is an original game cooked up by the beat-centric minds of Jonthan “JonJon” Ng, and the breakdance DJ, Kid Koala. They had some help from renown artist Eric San, and combined their efforts to make a game about kids traveling through the inner city to make up the most rad breakdancing crew around.

The idea of the game is to give a heartfelt, bass-beat nod to the 1980s breakdance culture that emerged during the era of excess. It features 40 original songs from Kid Koala and eight different playable characters that you’ll recruit as you challenge rival dancers across the city.

Both male and female dancers can join your crew, as you use the Nintendo Switch’s motion controls to put together freestyle b-boy or b-girl dances using the eclectic cast of characters. You can snag a visual taste of what the game is about with the trailer below.

The scribble-sketch art-style is an interesting choice. It easily reminds me a little bit of Scribblenauts but with a more raw, urban edge to it.

The game itself features 16 moves per character that you can unlock with more than 100 transitions in order to seamlessly put together an unforgettable breakdance routine.

You have to transition and combine the moves in sync with the music in order to score style points, and eventually win over the crowd and win over the match.

You can either play the game solo in the campaign mode or against a friend in the local two-player mode.

You can keep track of the game as it nears release by visiting the official Floor Kids website.


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