My Friend Pedro Gameplay Clips Highlight Some Outrageous Acrobatic Gunplay
My Friend Pedro

DeadToast Entertainment has been posting up some new images for the upcoming 2.5D John Woo-inspired acrobatic shooter My Friend Pedro. The new gif images give gamers a cool look at some of crazy and outrageous acrobatic moves that will be at the player’s disposal.

Over on the official Twitter account of My Friend Pedro, there are a series of posts highlighting the ridiculous kill-moves you can pull off while traversing through the stage, starting with spinning upside down while using a crane to scale up a building and killing guys on either side of Pedro.

Another clip shows the protagonist rolling up behind a guy and giving him a good roundhouse kick to the face, sending him off the edge of the platform and into oblivion.

The next clip gives us a look at how players can lob explosives in one direction and then change direction in mid-air and take out an enemy facing the opposite direction. It’s an impressive feat to see in action, especially with how smooth the animations are.

A slightly more comical clip gives gamers a look at how it’s possible to use the environment to an advantage without even firing a shot. We see Pedro standing in front of a basketball where he kicks it and smashes in the head of an enemy, turning it into a bloody pulp.

The clips round out with the most impressive feat in My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas, where we see a zip-line into a construction site, a shotgun blast to the back of the head of one enemy that smoothly links into Pedro scaling down the side of a corridor while taking out enemies in each room along the way. The game definitely makes the Unity 3D engine look really, really good. Check it out below.

The game appears to be shaping up quite nicely. With Devolver Digital publishing Deadtoast’s title, hopefully the game will see the light of day in a proper format and won’t undergo any kind of content appropriation to appease the perpetually offended.

You can learn more about My Friend Pedro by visiting the official website.


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