Furi Set To Hit Nintendo Switch In Early 2018

Furi was released back in 2016 and was well received by gamers for what it had to offer. The Game Bakers, the devs behind Furi, released the boss rush game for PS4, which later found its way to PC and Xbox One. As of late 2017 the game has been announced to hit the Nintendo Switch sometime in early 2018.

Almost going on two years, Furi released back in 2016 for gamers to test their boss rush skills against an onslaught of different foes. The game was a real challenge if you didn’t take each boss’ pattern into consideration, which could prolong a fight.

About that two years thing, next year, 2018, will see The Game Bakers’ boss rush title transcend from the current crop of gaming platforms and make its way over to the Nintendo Switch. This means that folks who want to play at home or on the go will soon be able to do so during the early part of 2018.

Moreover, this information comes from The Game Bakers’ official website. Like any other announcement page, this one too boasts about how the game runs perfectly on the Switch.

If you don’t take the developers word on the upcoming game and how it performs, a new trailer showing off what Furi has to offer on Switch has been posted.

The minute and 21 second long video trailer can be seen right here, thanks to TheGameBakers‘ channel.

The addition of Furi not only adds to the growing list of Switch games, but it also means that it could bring more attention to the game and platform too. In other words, if Furi does well on said platform we could see more titles like it later down the line for Nintendo’s latest device.

As noted above, Furi is set to release on Switch in early 2018 as mentioned by the developers. The game will run for $19.99 or €19.99 respectively when it launches sometime during the early part of 2018.


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