Gamers Aren’t Happy With Bluehole’s Fantasy MMO Ascent: Infinite Realm
Ascent Infinite Realm

You know Bluehole, right? They’re the company that’s over titles like Tera and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Well, publisher Kakao Games is helping Bluehole to make a new fantasy MMORPG titled Ascent: Infinite Realm, which gamers aren’t too happy with at the moment.

Whether a development studio has a hit on hand or a game that performs okay on the games market, expect another title to come out by that same studio — even if they need help.

In addition to the above it can be applied to Bluehole with their current successful battle royale title. The developers have Kakao Games helping them as publishers to make Ascent: Infinite Realm.

For the curious out there wondering what is Ascent: Infinite Realm, the game is described as a mix of “Steampunk” with “High Fantasy Magical Elements” or Wizard Work for short. This MMORPG will features aerial combat that sees magic ships against each other in a thing called “Realm vs. Realm”, and five “fully customizable” classes.

The trailer showing Ascent: Infinite Realm can be seen right here courtesy of the game’s YouTube channel.

After the video went up, a lot gamers weren’t too happy with what was showcased via the trailer. A lot of gamers felt that the game shouldn’t have had poorly optimized segments used as selling points, and should look graphically better.

One certain user by the name of KennyLoggins went as far as to go against the grain and into the danger zone to say the following:

Maybe they should have used a beefier PC for the gameplay capture?

Moreover, a lot of gamers stressed their concern and disgruntlement over Kakao Games and Bluehole’s latest project by taking to the like and dislike bar, which the ratio of dislikes is high enough to raise an eyebrow.

Many gamers want Bluehole to finish PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds before moving on to a new title. However it is fair to think that there might be two teams — a team-A and a team-B — working on the two titles to speed up development.

Lastly, there’s no telling how the finished product will turn out. The game could be very well optimized at launch or it could be a disaster waiting to be picked apart.

According to the press release the core concept of the game revolves around a high-fantasy steampunk adventure where a group of vagrants attempt to find a new home. Players will have a wide range of different modes of transportation, from individual flying mounts and combat aircraft, all the way to large-scale flying airships.

Unlike Allods Online the game lets players from a variety of levels and five different classes participate in realm-vs-realm battles, as demonstrated in the trailer above.

It’s obvious that Bluehole seems to have taken inspiration from a lot of different games: the visuals from Black Desert Online, the housing from Mortal Online, the giant boss fights from Monster Hunter, the airships from Allods and the personal flight mechanics from Aion.

I don’t know if this amalgamation of features and functions will work out, but at least Bluehole seems to be putting the “massive” back into massive multiplayer online RPGs.

As it stands now, Bluehole has a new game in the works that can be further investigated by hitting up


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