Gear.Club Unlimited Video Highlights Portable Performance On Nintendo Switch
Gear Club Unlimited

A new video was posted up on YouTube by Microids featuring real-time gameplay of Eden Games’ new racing title Gear.Club Unlimited. The video features the game being played in tabletop mode with a wireless Nintendo Pro Controller.

During the near three minute video we get to see how there’s a rewind feature that allows gamers to redo the last couple of seconds before they crashed or had a mishap, and try the segment of the race once more.

The rewind feature in racing games gained prominence and popularity with Turn 10 Studios’ Forza Motorsport, where gamers could use the rewind to correct small (or large) mistakes. You can get a glimpse of it in action with the video below.

There are three different races with three different vehicles on display, giving gamers a look at how each of the vehicles handle, as well as a look at the custom garage feature, where you can alter the paint jobs, tweak the after-market parts for customizable bodykits, and also tune-up the car and upgrade the performance.

The video rounds out showcasing Gear.Club Unlimited, running at around 30fps in split-screen mode for two players, which is impressive since it was running in tabletop mode the entire time. The full game will feature four-player split-screen, which is pretty cool.

It’s smart marketing because the biggest concerns and issues many gamers will have will be with the performance when the Switch is running in portable mode. Some games have not fared very well on the Switch running in the portable mode, and there are some issues with frame-drops and performance that can hinder the experience and the enjoyment of said experience.

So in this case, they gave gamers a decent look at how well Gear.Club Unlimited has made the jump from mobile devices to the Switch and how the performance has not been hampered while running outside of TV mode.

I’ll be honest… I think I’m going to nab a copy when it becomes available. I’ve had a craving to play a really good racing sim, but Gran Turismo Sport doesn’t act like a real game and Forza Motorsport 7 is bogged down in microtransactions and loot boxes.

The full game will have a campaign mode, two different types of race modes via rally and asphalt, 430 races, 200 tracks and 30 different vehicles.

You can look for Gear.Club Unlimited to launch for the Nintendo Switch in North America starting November 21st, while the European version will be available both physically and digitally starting December 1st.


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