GUTS, Bloody-Gory Fighting Game Rekindles Thrill Kill Concepts

Flux Game Studio’s upcoming 2D fighting game, GUTS, is a throwback to the old days of gory fighting games. It rekindles the over-the-top dismemberment and blood-letting of games like Blood Storm and the highly controversial Thrill Kill.

The game features a completely wacky cast of sadistic characters as they battle it out in trap-filled arenas where you don’t have a life bar and you don’t have a timer, but your main goal is to completely dismember your opponent until they’re nothing but a heap of severed limbs and inoperable body parts.

If that sounds sadistically satisfying to you, feel free to check out the trailer below to see how it all comes together.

I have to give props to Flux Game Studio because they took all the token characteristics of what SJWs say should be in a game and actually added them in there, but then they completely flipped those characteristics on their head.

For instance, the black, female, pink-haired, robotic pugilist named Anita Vanilla looks like a character approved by the inner sanctum of Tumblr. However, her backstory and true identity is laugh-out-loud worthy.

The completely irreverent behavior of the game’s characters and world is approached with a tongue quite firmly planted in the cheek.

The thing is, GUTS will need to have solid enough gameplay to win over the gaming masses.

Crazy characters like Risa Akabane might be able to bring in some players but the core gameplay will need to be solid enough if they want to keep their audience.

You won’t have to wait long to get your hands on GUTS because it launches in just two days on Steam.

The developers also have plans on eventually bringing the game to the Xbox One and PS4. You can actually get in some game time with a free demo for GUTS right now by checking it out over on the Steam store page.


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