A Hat In Time Coming To PS4, Xbox One December 6th

A Hat In Time PS4

Gears for Breakfast and Humble Bundle have announced that the critically acclaimed and fast-selling PC 3D platformer, A Hat In Time, will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 in North America starting on December 5th, and on December 6th for the PS4 in Europe, while Xbox One gamers will receive the game worldwide starting December 6th.

The game has received overwhelmingly positive feedback for being a solid, bright, colorful, and most importantly, fun 3D platformer.

While companies like EA, Activision and Ubisoft are constantly trying to find new ways to gamers hate gaming via overt microtransactions, dastardly done monetary schemes, and poorly divised cash shops, Gears for Breakfast decided to spend the money they received during the crowdfunding drive to make something enjoyable. Most AAA publishers have no clue what it means to make a fun game anymore, but indie devs are making them in droves, and A Hat in Time is apparently one of them.

In addition to announcing that the lovable looking 3D platformer is coming to home consoles, an accolades trailer was released, highlighting that even the lowest scum of the gaming industry’s pecking order actually enjoyed the game. Yes, game journalists actually found time to stop harassing and raping women to give A Hat in Time some positive critical feedback.

The game itself is about a young girl traveling through space to refuel her spaceship while collecting hats in the process. Players will visit a number of different planets, encounter a wide range of different characters, and have to overcome countless challenges, perform fearless acrobatics across dangerous platforms, and defeat large-scale bosses like it was Mario’s business.

If you don’t own a Nintendo Switch this is probably the closest game you’ll get to playing Super Mario Odyssey that isn’t Super Mario Odyssey.

Speaking of the Switch, it’s a shame this game isn’t available on Nintendo’s little machine, because it seems like it would be a perfect fit.

Anyway, you can pick up a digital copy of the game right now for the PC via Steam, or you can grab a digital copy on the PS4 or Xbox One starting next month on December 5th. To learn more about A Hat in Time feel free to visit the official website.