Hellbound Is A Fast-Paced Gory FPS Inspired By 1990s Shooters

Saibot Studios announced that their newest game Hellbound is currently slated for release on PC. The game is said to be coming “very soon”, and leading up to release Saibot will have a closed beta test for the game. If you’re interested you can sign up over at the official website.

Players take on the role of a Hellgore, a big dude who kills demons in hell. That’s it.

The story is about killing demons in hell, and that’s because the game is taking obvious inspiration from classic 1990s shooters such as DOOM, Quake, Blood and Duke Nukem 3D.

You can check out the debut teaser trailer for the game below.

The trailer is pretty straightforward.

It’s not hard to get an idea what they’re going for with Hellbound based on the description alone.

It’s being built on the Unreal Engine 4 from the same Argentina developers who worked on the game Doorways.

While we didn’t get to see any gameplay, I’m hoping that it’s a hardcore, run-and-gun shooter with heart.

We’ve had plenty of retro-style shooters made over the last few years, but few have managed to stand out beyond being nostalgia acts that have garnered five minutes of five and a fistful of dollars on the Steam store.

Saibot is hoping to rekindle the magic from the yesteryears of gaming with Hellhound, recapturing the masculine and unbridled carnage of edgy first-person shooters that weren’t trying to be poor imitations of Hollywood blockbusters.

If you’re interested in Hellhound and you’re curious how Saibot will pull off the classic, run-and-gun motif in the Unreal Engine 4-powered title, you can sign-up for an opportunity to participate in the closed beta test by visiting the official website.

There’s no release date set for the game yet, but expect more details to arrive soon.


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