Fans Think Hideki Kamiya’s Tweets Could Be Teasing New Viewtiful Joe Game

Many fans following Hideki Kamiya, a video game designer and director working for Platinum Games, have cooked up rumors that should be taken with a huge grain of salt, noting that he is cryptically teasing a new Viewtiful Joe game.

Notice: Please do take all of this information with a grain of salt, although Platinum Games and Hideki Kamiya are known for teasing cryptic information about their games, there’s no solid evidence and/or valid information proving that a new Viewtiful Joe game is in the works.

In recent times, many diehard fanboys from various forum boards ardently search through social media feeds, which includes Twitter, all in hopes of finding a morsel of information relating to some of their favorite games. Some of these diehard fans have pointed out strange activity coming from Hideki Kamiya, who has been seeking out and retweeting things about Viewtiful Joe and sharing it with his followers.

The thing is, Kamiya is known for posting up random stuff that should not be taken serious at times given his tendency to joke around, much like Katsuhiro Harada. However, fans have noticed that this time Kamiya was retweeting stuff out of the field like Twitter user Platinumwade‘s tweet saying:

“My two favorite characters surrounded by some good company. Never stop being the best.”

This sparked another twitter user by the name of ViewtifulDAClub to post the following tweet that reads:

“I keep trying to scan these into Super Mario Odyssey but for some reason it’s just not unlocking the Viewtiful costumes ~Buzz.”

Kamiya later found this response to Platinumwade by ViewtifulDAClub, and retweeted it with a note that reads “keep trying”. You can view the retweet below.

Fans were excited about the notion of Kamiya giving Viewtiful Joe so much attention within two days, but sadly there’s no telling if this is just Kamiya pulling one of his humorous strings or if he’s doing another one of those cryptic tease-fest?

There were also teases aplenty leading up to the official announcements for Platinum’s Bayonetta and Vanquish being re-released on Steam, with cryptic messages from Sega surrounding the announcements.

Anyway, all of this information should be handled carefully and should not be taken as fact, unless proven otherwise. However, would you like to see a new Viewtiful Joe game?


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