Kingdom Come Deliverance Video Outlines The Significance Of Choices And Outcomes
Kingdom Come Deliverance

Warhorse Studios released a new developer video for the upcoming Kingdom Come: Deliverance, showcasing nearly 10 minutes of gameplay. The video covers the different ways to complete certain quests, and how making different choices can alter the outcomes of different quests.

The video starts with the player character happening upon the mission area only to discover that the horses at the stable have been brutally slaughtered. Players can either go scout the area for the killers or question the people nearby. They obviously start by questioning the NPCs nearby.

You can see how the player uses their persuasion skills to question the witnesses, get some info on who committed the crime and where they might be.

The dialogue choices aren’t many but you still get a couple of different choices that allow you to change the way the quest may play out.

We see how the stealth mechanics are in play and how players can utilize the game’s 3D surround spatial sound mechanics to eavesdrop on the bandits.

The player has the choice of either going back to the captain and reporting on the whereabouts of the bandits or it’s possible to sneak up on them and kill them.

The video actually covers a number of choices, showcasing all the different outcomes in how the mission can play out.

For players who like to kill, hack, and slash people to pieces those options are definitely available. For people who prefer the diplomatic approach, it’s also possible to talk your way toward completion and utilize the proper channels to resolve some conflicts.

It’s a real role-player’s kind of game where the outcomes are dependent on your choices, rather than the game attempting to corral you into just one outcome. It’s a shame we don’t get to see these kind of multi-branching routes within the stories of AAA games, but that’s just the nature of the beast at this point.

You can look for Kingdom Come: Deliverance to make its way to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC come February 13th, 2018 next year.


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