Knights Of Valour 3D 4-Player Beat-’em-Up Now Available On PS4 In U.S.
Knights of Valour

International Games System announced that Knights of Valour is now available for gamers in the U.S., for the PlayStation 4. The game was originally only available in Europe and Australia, and it was a 3D remake of the classic arcade game that IGS originally made way back in 1999 for Chinese arcades. It was easily one of the longest and most arduous arcade games I’ve ever played.

Achim Kaspers, the general manager of GAMESinFLAMES, mentioned that they decided to bring to the U.S., after lots of requests from gamers in North America, saying in the press release…

“We were happily overwhelmed by the requests from outside EU and Australia and decided to extend to the US as well,”


“Knights of Valour combines the best of both worlds: the excitement of a traditional arcade beat ’em up, where you and up to three friends lay waste to hundreds of enemies in fast-paced battles, and a modern meta game where you unlock tons of different outfits, weapons and equipment.”

The remake takes all of that classic 2D beat-’em-up action and turns it into a 3D multiplayer romp. Many of the classic playable characters based on the Three Kingdoms make their re-emergence in the game, including Guan-Yu, Zhao Yun, and Diao Chan, to name a few.

You can check out the trailer below to grab a gander at the updated 3D beat-’em-up in action.

While the game stars many of the heroes from Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors series, the game does not play at all like Dynasty Warriors. The combo system and special attacks are closer to Streets of Rage, relying on players to pull off and chain together specific attacks to take out groups of enemies.

Additionally, the game is a lot more fantasy oriented than Dynasty Warriors, with IGS and GamesInFlames not afraid to include plenty of over-the-top Chinese mythology into the fold to give gamers a more supernatural experience compared to some depictions of the Three Kingdom heroes.

Also, new to the remake of Knights of Valour is a refinement system that allows you increase the various attributes for each of the characters by acquiring items you can collect throughout the journey.

The arcade-inspired title also retains the four-player cooperative mode from the original arcade outing. Unfortunately they don’t say if the local co-op is still intact.

You can grab Knights of Valour for free by visiting the PlayStation Store page.


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