Legion TD 2 Beginner’s Walkthrough Guide

Legion TD 2

AutoAttack Games’ Legion TD 2 has turned out to be quite popular. The sleeper-hit MOBA title entered into Early Access just recently, and gamers have been picking up copies of the title by the thousands for the moderate price of $19.99. That’s right, it’s a buy-once-to-own game instead of the typical free-to-play model with a freemium cash shop attached. Of course, if you’ve recently picked up the game because a bunch of your friends own it, you can find a beginner’s guide here that will help put you on your way.

So YouTuber docm77 has a video just over 20 minutes long featuring the basic gameplay mechanics of Legion TD 2. You can check it out below.

He starts by showcasing how you’ll start the game not by selecting your character but by selecting your class. Your choices will include:

  • Element
  • Forsaken
  • Grove
  • Mech
  • Mastermind

In the video it’s suggested you go with anything other than Mastermind when you’re starting out.

The objective is to protect the lanes to keep your King safe.

The game has an almost RTS feel as you’ll have to purchase mercenaries from the bottom menu, and the mercenaries will fight off the minions that come out of the lanes.

As you kill the creatures you gain gold and then you can purchase higher level mercenaries to protect your King.

Completing the waves on each lane will see the creep strength increase per wave.

While this sounds simple, the objective is to create synergy between your mercenaries so that they’re buffed against the enemy waves. You can also send creeps against your opponents.

One good strategy is to have something like a golem or tank unit to absorb damage from the creeps and then in the later waves you’ll want to purchase more projectile-based units to help back up your tanks, so that while the tanks are taking damage the projectile-based units can fire from the back.

The idea is to create a strong enough mercenary line on the lanes because otherwise if you die on the waves then the creeps that live will move on to “leak” through and attack your king.

There’s a strong meta game in Legion TD 2, because you’ll have to balance sending creeps to your opponents, while also spending money to upgrade your own mercenaries.

On Wave 10 you’ll have to fight against a boss. You’ll really want at least two tanks for the boss and some strong projectile-based mercenaries to take out the boss.

You’ll need to thread that fine balance between when to upgrade your units and when to send more creeps to take out your opponents.

Essentially, the players who can coordinate and maintain consistency the best are the ones who will likely overthrow their opponent’s King.

It’s certainly not the most fast-paced MOBA out there, and there’s a much stronger focus on the micromanagement playing the rock, paper, magic game as opposed to titles like League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm, but for those who wanted a quick rundown of how to play Legion TD 2, hopefully the starter guide for beginners helped.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page.