Lost Sphear, Classic JRPG Set To Launch On Nintendo Switch January 23rd, 2018
Lost Sphear Release Date

Square Enix announced that their upcoming classically made JRPG for Nintendo Switch, PC and PlayStation 4 will launch on January 23rd, 2018 next year. The company recently opened up a web portal on the official Square Enix store to inform gamers that pre-orders are currently available.

Unfortunately if you want the physical edition of the game you will only be able to get it for $49.99 from the Square Enix store. It’s a Square Enix store exclusive. Square is also giving away a single Nintendo Switch, for free, as part of a raffle promotion where anyone who pre-orders the game is entered in with a chance to win. It seems a little backwards but given how popular Nintendo’s system is it’s not surprising that they would attempt to get in on the hype train by giving away a free Switch for people who don’t have one but pre-order the game for the system anyway. Either the person gets the Switch for free (which is unlikely) or they purchase a Switch after they pre-order the game.

Anyway, the game centers around a young man who must save the very fabric of reality, and no this isn’t in result of a dimensional-splitting “rheeeee”ing that spawns from the mouth of a non-binary SJW otherkin after telling them that there’s only two genders. The peril of reality comes from a never before seen phenomenon that threatens all waking life. Players will take on the role of Kanata as he uses the power of memory to restore and rebuild the world.

You can check out a video below to get an idea of what the game is about.

Yes, this is a game from the same development studio that brought you I Am Setsuna.

You can see a lot of the same influences from the previous game, but it seems to mirror more of its design after titles like Final Fantasy VII or Breath of Fire IV, as opposed to I Am Setsuna being more of a clone of Chrono Trigger.

If you pre-order the game you gain access to a couple of music tracks on release day. That’s about it.

The trailer didn’t do much for me and I yawned a few times, but who knows maybe the game is a lot more exciting than the trailer? You’ll be able to find out come January 23rd, 2018.


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