Make Sail, Boat-Crafting Game Set To Hit Steam Early Access

After successfully running through a crowdfunding campaign, indie publisher and developer Popcannibal has put up Make Sail’s official Steam Early Access page. The physics based adventure-game has no release date yet, but it is set to release for PC via Steam.

Make Sail is a game about building nautical vessels to suit your liking and hitting the deep ocean to discover foreign creatures, new islands, and other undiscovered encounters. Boat building is simplified through snapping parts together like planks, poles, and sails to create something freaky but efficient to explore the game’s vast ocean.

Now that Popcannibal is set to release this game called Make Sail — due to its recent posting on Steam Early Access — folks interested in building and sailing across large bodies of water should keep an eye out for a launch date.

While we wait for a launch date to arrive, two trailers explain what Make Sail has to offer and covers gameplay, too. Both the two videos come in by Fig and can be seen right here.

As noted above, the game is all about traveling a mysterious ocean filled with surprises, which means that there may not be a proper story-driven campaign for folks to indulge in. However, if you like creating adventures of your own this single-player game might be something of merit.

On the topic of single-player, there is no word on if this game will feature multiplayer seeing that it is listed under “single-player.”

The last thing that’s worth noting is that there is no word on mods. Modding a single-player game is essential for its survival, especially when you have vast amounts of places to explore. This indie title could suffice quite well if it featured mod support when its launch date rolls around.

You can learn more about Make Sail by heading on over to the game’s newly posted Steam Early Access page or


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