Metamorphosis Games Reveals Gestalt: Vanguard Is In Development

Looking over at the indie scene, specifically the development stage of an interesting game, comes Metamorphosis Games and their 2D platformer RPG named Gestalt: Vanguard. The devs behind Gestalt: Vanguard strive to bring high quality animations and gameplay with a unique theme.

New games come out so often that it becomes hard to keep up with smaller titles. However, some of these games slip under the radar and deserve attention no matter their size or genre.

In addition to the above, some games have very little support and usually cease to exist during early stages due to the lack of attention surrounding their ambitious.

One interesting indie game that seems to take steampunk, platforming, 2D action, and RPG elements and mixes them into one comes Gestalt: Vanguard. The game is in early development, but already the devs managed to cook up smooth animations and a slew of enemy concepts that can be seen right here.

Firstly, actual gameplay of this early game can be seen through a prototype build on the XDKS.1, which displays basic movement, and a video clip showing off a mech.

The official website also shows off more characters and stuff about the world of Gestalt: Vanguard. One of the many images present on the devs official website happens to be artwork of the two protagonist. You can check out the image below:

The game is still in early development despite the fast progress the devs have worked up, but significant progress will likely be made sometime in 2018.

Furthermore, no Kickstarter campaign is up nor is there a crowd funding page. This means that the devs have made a lot of progress on this game without any fan help,  so it shouldn’t need any crowdfunding in the future, if its past is any indication.

If this game seems interesting and you would like to keep up with Gestalt: Vanguard or talk to the devs, you can hit up the game’s official website, Facebook page or Twitter.


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