Microsoft Plans On Making More Of Its Own Video Games In The Future

In a recent report by another publication site we learn that Microsoft will focus on building up more in-house titles from its studios or by acquiring other studios to churn out more games for the Xbox family of consoles.

A lot of people are quick to call out Microsoft for not having a spacious library of games for the Xbox One or the upcoming Xbox One X. Many gamers want exclusives and more games for said system(s) and it seems that that might just happen… soon.

According to a new report by publication site Bloomberg, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer touches on bringing forth more games made by Microsoft Studios and even acquiring other studios to bring Xbox gamers more titles. You can read an excerpt of what the publication site gathered from Spencer:

“As Microsoft Corp. begins selling a new Xbox console, the focus of its video-game unit¬†is shifting toward software and services.


The company plans to increase investment in developing in-house video games, including starting or acquiring¬†studios to do so, Xbox chief Phil Spencer said in an interview last week.”

While that sounds fine and dandy, there’s another side of the spectrum that could mean less original double-A or triple-A titles like Halo or Gears of War and more like Fortnite and PUBG. According to the publication site, Microsoft looks like it “might” rival Sony with its own microtransaction service.

The publication site shines light on Microsoft and its change on success. The company believes that console revenue and unit shipment isn’t so much key but sales of games, subscriptions and related services are key.

In addition to the above, Microsoft isn’t just looking at Xbox family of consoles but iPhones, Android devices and other gadgets on the market. The company is said to track monthly active users and revenue from software and services, and is looking to expand Xbox Live online usage, “eSports” and “game streaming.”

There’s no telling if Microsoft will head down the route of microtransaction implementation through Xbox Live, eSports or streaming given that Sony is considering such a move, meaning that Microsoft is likely (or strongly) considering going down a similar path.

While we wait to see what Microsoft will do about more in-house games for Xbox and if microtransactions will be implemented, would you like to see more Xbox exclusives in the near future?


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