Monster Hunter World Will Not Have Loot Boxes Or Microtransactions

Hot topics come up every so often that they even seep into popular franchises across different mediums like games. One such hot topic and game happens to be microtransactions and Monster Hunter: World. According to series producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto, and game director, Yuuya Tokuda, there will be no loot-boxes or microtransactions in World.

Capcom took up an interview with GameSpot to discuss some things about Monster Hunter: World. The topic was about loot boxes and microtransactions, where series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, and game director Yuuya Tokuda, gave their personal opinion why World doesn’t need the aforesaid.

The two basically summed up that Monster Hunter already has loot that’s randomized in the game when carving up creatures or searching around about different locations, and adding in loot-boxes and microtransactions on top of that wouldn’t be “fitting”.

The publication site noted Tokuda saying:

“I wouldn’t see a paid loot box or paid system for getting random items as fitting Monster Hunter because it isn’t a game where the strength of the items is the key aspect of how you proceed”.

Later the interview touches on both men, Tsujimoto and Tokuda, and their thoughts on adding in microtransactions:

“We’d have to have a substantial re-think, which is not something we’re particularly planning to do at this time”.

Moreover, Tsujimoto feels that skipping eventful moments in Monster Hunter: World would only ruin the core experience. The point behind the game is to take down a giant (on your own or with a team) through skill and wit, creating unique experiences and memories:

”We want people to have the experience that we’ve made for them rather than the option to skip the experience”.

Other points were made throughout the interview that were pretty noteworthy, but from the few blockquotes we can see that Capcom has no plans on adding in loot boxes or microtransactions in Monster Hunter: World.

With that said, Monster Hunter: World will debut on PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th, 2018, and will have a PC version to follow later on.


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