My Hero Academia: One’s Justice Revealed For PS4 And Nintendo Switch

My Hero Academia: One’s Justice has been revealed for PS4 and Switch in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. Bandai Namco is behind the game, which My Hero Academia: One’s Justice is set in a “battle action” genre and will be a fighting game at its core.

Set to debut on PS4 and Switch, although the release date has not been announced, My Hero Academia: One’s Justice will be further detailed through a new trailer at Jump Festa 2018, which runs from December 16th and ends on December 17th.

The above information comes from publication site ShonenGameZ, where we also learn that the game will feature stage destruction through attacks. In other words, destructible environments will be a thing when the going gets tough between players or AI opponents.

Moreover, the publication site went up with two new scans showing the game off. You can check the scans out right here:

According to the publication site, the scans for My Hero Academia: One’s Justice shows off Deku (Izuku Midoriya) taking on Tomura Shigaraki.

Furthermore, this links into speculation surrounding that of Bandai Namco releasing that new teaser website for gamers to look over and interact with by clicking on an image that reads “click”.

In addition to the above, folks who happen to head on over to this new teaser website they will be greeted by a microwave that has the words “click” above and on it.

The curious who click on it will find that the microwave will open up to unveil a pineapple grenade, which before showed an egg. At this point and time, unlike last time, the text now reads “4 days left”, obviously hinting at this new title’s announcement and reveal date.

If you want to further investigate what this strange teaser website has to offer curios fans, you can head on over to


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