Nelo, Third-Person Action Game Now Available On Steam Early Access

Magic and Mirrors have released Nelo for PC gamers to try via Steam Early Access. Following the third-person action game comes a new update that addresses a lot of problems. Nelo is currently available for $19.99.

A game that has a lot of potential but needs more polishing comes Nelo. The amount of games similar to Nelo made by Western devs is short in quantity, making this game stand out like a sore thumb… but in a good way.

It is worth noting that the game holds its fair share of problems, though. In other words Nelo is not perfect. For instance, dialogue, animations and certain navigation directions could use improvements, but for an indie game that is made by a handful of devs, Nelo isn’t all that bad.

As for gameplay mechanics, Nelo is all about “lightning fast”, “genre-blending” and “bullet-hell” fun. Additionally, this means that running on walls and jumping around is very much a thing, as well as shooting up enemies with an amusing amount of flying weapons.

The game can be very dynamic looking when it comes to action segments sprawled throughout the story mode, which is a pleasant treat due to the lack of games exploring whacking stuff like the aforesaid. However, instead of elaborating on what Nelo has to offer, you can make up your mind whether or not this game is worth picking up by watching the first chapter.

The first chapter of Nelo comes in by YouTuber Wolftooth, who runs the curious through 18 minutes worth of gameplay.

If Magic and Mirrors attempts to make a sequel to Nelo or decide to make another game, hopefully the devs can take note of community feedback and some of the issues present to perfect any future titles.

Anyway, if you find Nelo to be something worth playing you can head on over to its Steam Early Access page to pick it up for $19.99. If you are leery about this game and wish to gather more info you can by heading on over to


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