Nelo, Third-Person Bullet Hell Game Set To Hit Steam This November

The latest indie game in the works and set to debut this month comes Magic and Mirrors’ Nelo. Folks interested in PC and Steam Early Access titles will find that Nelo attempts to bring third-person shooter gameplay with bullet hell elements.

There’s no doubt that Nelo has low quality voice acting, but the thing that is most interesting about this game is that third-person shooter, platforming and bullet hell elements all form Nelo’s core gameplay.

If you want to know what Nelo has to offer according to the devs behind it, the official description explaining the game can be looked over right here:

“Play as Nelo Aukal, an advanced Zenith class alien cyborg of the Tono Gian people, and wield a vast array of weaponry with the trusted telekinetic Hands of Aphelion. Fight your way off the desolate planet Plemniba from the hostile threat of the Nightsithe, a swarm of parasitic machines created by your people.”

Remember, the voice acting in the new trailer isn’t anything to write home about, but for an indie game, Nelo mechanically doesn’t look all that bad. The fast-paced gameplay, wall-running, and bullet hell design is something that isn’t all that prevalent in recent Western games.

Sure animations in Nelo could use improvements, but the overall concept is pretty nice to see when this genre is pretty much dead in the West.

The game known as Nelo is set to launch sometime this month given that the devs behind the game have a release date set for November 2017 on its newly posted Steam Early Access page. It would be nice if the devs just release it as a finished product on Steam instead of Early Access, but I guess the devs want some form of early feedback?

Anyway, you can check out more info regarding Nelo by hitting up or its Steam Early Access page.


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