Poi: Explorer Edition Now Available For Nintendo Switch
Poi Explorer Edition

Alliance Digital Media and PolyKid have announced that Poi: Explorer Edition has recently launched for the Nintendo Switch. The 3D adventure game is a throwback to classic 3D platformers of old – the kind of games that were popular once before, back when you could pay $50 or $60 for a game and get the full game and not 40% of the content with the rest of it locked behind a paywall of microtransactions and day-one DLC.

The game’s plot is pretty straightforward, focusing on players traveling to a lost kingdom to retrieve some rare medallions. The plot is almost similar to the likes of games such as Super Mario 64 or Croc. Players will travel around the colorful 3D worlds in an airship, as they complete the challenges and attempt to acquire all of the lost medallions.

You can see what Poi looks like in action with the launch trailer below.

The crowdfunded title hearkens back to the age old days when you had to know how to time your jumps, hop across moving platforms, and you didn’t have a linear tutorial constantly hand-holding you from one level to the next.

The game’s brightly colored levels lend itself to the atmosphere of feel-good vibes and happy times.

As you can see, the visuals and sound effects seem as if they come right out of the GameCube era.

Players will be able to choose between a male or female protagonist, and move through a number of different levels in search of the medallions. We get to see some stages that seem like they pay homage to Billy Hatcher, as well as plenty of segments that seem reminiscent of Super Mario 64.

The game, still, manages to retain its own identity and flair, just as we see the characters hopping into a spaceship and traveling into the outer realms of the known universe.

In addition to the standard levels, the game also features unlockable challenge stages, various items you’ll need to acquire to unearth secrets hidden deep within the levels, and costumes for those of you who like to accessorize your explorers.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now from over on the Nintendo eShop. For further info feel free to visit the official website.


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