Project 1942, Realistic FPS Lets You Play As Germans During World War 2 Campaign
Project 1942

A new FPS is currently in development for PC by an indie team where you take on the role of the Germans during World War II. The Reich is portrayed as the heroes, attempting to safeguard the Fatherland while fighting off the invasion of the British forces and the budding presence of America.

The game is currently going by the name Project 1942 and is being called an “unprecedented WW2 experience”. It’s one of the few newer generation games that will put you in the shoes of the German forces and paints them as the heroes of the world, as they battle against other nations in an alternate timeline of World War II. The description of the game reads…

“Enter an alternate timeline where the might of the British Commonwealth cannot be denied. The America, wary of entangling herself within the affairs of her former adversary, is also weathering a conflict between two feuding factions… and neutral, Imperial Russia has started to enter a time of enlightenment.”

Project 1942

The game will feature a robust campaign mode where you play as the German forces across more than 10 different levels. The single-player will take players across the European theater, and there will supposedly be multiple routes and methods in order to complete objectives.

There will be customizable mission support in the form of weapon load outs, and what sounds like full squads. Project 1942 will also contain more than 40 different weapons, both light and heavy, along with mounted weapons on vehicles.

The page also advertises the implementation of tactical A.I., that will be able to navigate the environment and perform realistic strategies and relying on behavioral adjustments to provide players with an uncompromising challenge.

Project 1942

Project 1942 is also promising 30 authentic vehicles that can be utilized on the battlefield, along with full support for community-created mods.

Right now the game is still in the pre-alpha phase and the only media available are the few screenshots that are featured here in this article. Sadly no gameplay video is available right now, but the team is aiming to work up to producing more media for the game.

According to the game page it’s in development part time, so the small team decided to open up a Patreon page.

They’re hoping to use the crowd-funding to produce Project 1942. Of course, there’s fewer oversights than Kickstarter or IndieGoGo and with Patreon’s finicky rules it means the project could get canned depending on whether the staff feels it violates their community guidelines.

Nevertheless, if you think this is something you would want to play, and are looking for a World War II game that isn’t Red Orchestra II that features a campaign mode where you play as the Germans, you can follow the Project 1942 page to learn more about the development of the game.


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