Project 1942 Screenshots Showcases The German Sturmgeschütz In Action
Project 1942

Two new screenshots have been revealed for the upcoming World War II first-person shooter, Project 1942. The game puts players in the role of the Germans, turning them into the heroes as they fight off the imperialists from Britain, the invaders from Russia, and the threats from Americans.

The developers revealed the new screenshots that highlight the Sturmgeschütz Ausf.B in action. In the first shot we see the mobile light tank rolling through a broken wall where carnage and dead bodies lay scattered about. The screenshot showcases the Ausf.B firing off a round from the canon toward an unknown target in the distance.

A smoldering pit of fire lay next to a dead body, while debris and fire litter the surrounding area. You can check out the image below.

Project 1942 - Tanbk A

The second shot showcases a decidedly different angle of the weaponized German armament on treads. Perhaps less heroically we see the Sturmgeschütz presumably fleeing from battle while taking heavy fire from behind.

A tank squad manages to fire off a round, just barely nicking the ground behind the Ausf.B while soldiers pepper the surrounding area with gunfire. You can check out the image below.

Project 1942 - Tank B

Both shots of the tank surprisingly lack any sort of decals, so unless you were familiar with the design beforehand, it would be a tough call to tell which side you were looking at. However, the practical and sleek design would have likely given it away that it was German, especially given that it lacks the bulky industrial look that most Russian tanks imbued, and it avoids the gaudy mechanical aesthetic that was present with most American designs.

The newest screenshots follow shortly after the initial announcement of Project 1942, which took place earlier this month back on November 6th. The developers are hoping to build up support as they slowly move through the development phase of the game.

Updates, feedback, and new content will make its way online through the game’s main Patreon page.

You can learn more about the project or contribute to the cause by visiting the page.


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