Randy Pitchford Talks Borderlands 3 And Movie, New Brothers In Arms And Furious 4

Want to know the current status of Gear Box’s Borderlands 3, the upcoming Brothers in Arms, and what happened regarding Furious 4? Randy Pitchford took to Nerdvana to explain the current state of the aforesaid, as well as a Borderlands movie by Lions Gate.

For starters, Borderlands 3 and the new Brothers in Arms game are in an early state that may shift in development as we speak. According to Randy Pitchford during the Nerdvana Ep. 1, we learn that the games are making progress, but not enough to show off just yet.

From the sounds of it, both games could come out sometime mid-to-late 2018 or early 2019. Additionally, it sounds like Borderlands 3 development has progressed further than the new Brothers in Arms game seeing that we have leaks and more info on the former title.

Speaking of Brothers in Arms, when Pitchford was asked by a disappointed Twitter user by the name of Eric Wooley about Matt Baker, hinting at make another Brothers in Arms game, he replied “Working on it!”

Moreover, Pitchford also touched on a movie of Borderlands during the interview, which is still being sorted out. However, Pitchford has high hopes that the movie will come out. The movie will be made by Lions Gate and will have Ari Arad or Arad Production helping out.

Looking over to Brothers in Arms Furious 4, Pitchford noted that after Brothers in Arms success, publisher Ubisoft wanted more Brothers in Arms games. One of which would be Furious 4.

The game is noted by Pitchford to be the first “Hero Shooter” that is commonly found today, except it would have come out either in 2011 or 2012 with an actual story mode and four player co-op. It is said that Ubisoft and Gearbox vision of “Brothers in Arms” and “Furious 4” were very different and led to a split, thus turning Furious 4 into Battleborn.

Pitchford and crew still hold all the rights and properties to Brothers in Arms and Furious 4 after the split, which means that both games could be published by Gearbox or another company when either or release.

Lastly, if you don’t want to watch all of the Nerdvana live show you can either use the transcript tool tucked under the three dots over on YouTube and use Control F to find whatever it is that you would like to find during the interview, or you can use these time stamps:

More Gearbox games are said by Pitchford to gain movie adaptations in the future, but details on those movies are scarce.

Lastly, are you excited for Borderlands 3 and a new Brothers in Arms game?


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