Reality Gaming Group Has Pre-Microtransactions In Reality Crash And Knows It’s Shady

Just as you thought you were done with loot-boxes and microtransactions for the day, Games Industry Biz has shown us that Reality Gaming Group has an upcoming mobile game called Reality Clash that is like “Pokémon Go with guns.” The unreleased title already boasts over $3.5 million made from its virtual currency due to Initial Coin Offering.

The game isn’t event out yet and a lot of people are concerned about this thing called Reality Clash that has, according to the company, made well over $3.5 million from its virtual currency thanks to ICO — in-game currency — known as Reality Clash Coins or RCC gold.

The company, Reality Gaming Group, already knows that its pushing the envelopment of ethics insofar that they had this to say:

“More and more regulation is happening, typically to catch up with technology. It may be unwise to expect ICOs to remain outside regulations for the medium term; the recent SEC release would suggest that this is indeed the case for at least the US, and clearly the format is now extremely risky in China, which has historically seen a lot of coin trading activity. It may be that as ICOs become more regulated, their appeal diminishes.”

In other words, the company wants to play on the hype of Pokémon Go, microtransactions, trading loot with pre-microtransactions, and virtual in-game arms-deal arrangements. However, the company wants to do this before regulations kick-in, otherwise all “appeal” will diminish.

Here’s the trailer to Reality Crash, where it’s revealed Reality Gaming Group has secured well over $3.5 million towards work on it’s mobile augmented reality multiplayer shooter before it has even hit the mobile scene:

I bet you are thinking “why is this even relevant if the video is two months old?” Well, the article by is an update post on the progress of Reality Clash, which was published on November 7th.

The article is about how there are countless ways to finance a game’s development and one way being the “rising new trend” of using cryptocurrencies. The piece explains how Reality Clash is the best example of doing it right.

The poisonous part about this is that Reality Gaming Group knows how to be a predator and target people with “exclusives” that aren’t present in the game’s launch that will move the blockchain:

“As an added incentive, ICO investors could also buy exclusive weapons, which will not be available from the Reality Clash store when the game goes live. These weapons can also be traded on the blockchain – you become a virtual arms dealer and can make money.”

The rise of this is just the beginning and will only increase in a blatant manner, if we let this trend continue. As noted above, Reality Gaming Group knows that this move is dangerous in that once a committee or group regulates this practice it will “diminish” and lose value.


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