Santa Monica Studio Notes That There’s Far More To God Of War’s Combat

It seems that a lot of people aren’t too happy with the latest God of War game set to debut in 2018; more importantly it seems that a lot of people aren’t happy with the combat system. Well, Santa Monica Studio took to the Playstation Blog to respond to this growing concern.

You’ll find people sharing their mixed thoughts on the latest God of War game around and about. Some people feel that the new game isn’t lore friendly, while others feel that it is and entered a new place for fresh story telling. Some express their concern that the new game might break away from its lewd scenes, while some think the new game will bring forth interesting content not seen in previous implementations.

Adding on to the above, one thing that seems to take the case revolving around the upcoming God of War game is the combat system. Many feel that this is a deal breaker and some fans even want answers.

As of recent, Santa Monica Studio’s Head of Studio, Shannon Studstill, took up the keyboard and the position to speak on the to address, sorta in an indirect way, that there’s far more to God of War’s combat system:

“What you witnessed in God of War’s new Paris Games Week trailer is a smidgeon – a sliver – of the unflinching, intense, brutal, and often empowering new combat in God of War.”

There’s no telling whether the combat will hold any merit or not at launch, but given that the game is slated to release sometime early in 2018, it provides the team months to work on the forthcoming title before it becomes available for mass consumption.

Given that we are still on the topic of God of War, Sony just released this new story trailer telling the story of Thamur — the giant Stone Mason. He was noted to be the greatest builder the realms had ever known, until he encountered Thor. If you don’t know, Thor’s hammer was created by Brokk and Syndri, which the pair will help upgrade your weapons to better combat skills.

God of War is set to drop early in 2018 for PS4.

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