Scorn Developers Still Don’t Want DRM, Monthly Update Coming Very Soon

In this day-and-age where publishers and developers are proud to announce DRM and microtransactions, Ebb Software aims to do the opposite. The indie developer stressed before that Scorn would not have DRM and reiterated the same message again, along with a new update set to come very soon.

Ebb Software had a lot going against it, especially when its first Kickstarter failed. Well, you’d think that with a lot going against the team working on Scorn that questionable tactics to secure stability would be first and foremost? Well, not for Ebb Software.

Back on October 23rd, 2017, developer/collaborator Nikola Rakic took to Scorn’s Kickstarter update page to announce that the game will not sport DRM. Well, Rakic wanted to re-stress that notion as of November 15th that no DRM will be in Scorn by saying the following to backer Richard Bergman:

“We will have a platform for DRM free distribution. It will probably be GOG, but it may be some other platform. So, there will be exactly one platform for DRM free distribution and you’ll be able to download game from there any time. It will be GOG most likely, but we can’t guarantee that.”

Furthermore, Rakic informed another certain backer by the name of Om Nomz that…

“We are still working hard to make Scorn happen. And we’ll make a first monthly update very soon.”

The good news is that Ebb Software has kept its promises regarding taking its time on developing Scorn, not putting the game on Steam Early Access, and shipping a playable demo during its Kickstarter run. Seeing that the small team stays true to what it says, expect another big monthly update to come sometime “very soon.”

Before concluding, the most worrisome thing about Scorn’s development is that back on February 9th, 2017, Ebb Software and Humble Bundle announced a publishing deal. Months later on October 13th, IGN and Humble Bundle announced on a blog post that they’ve joined forces, which leaves us with IGN over Scorn.

There’s no telling what IGN will do as a publisher over Scorn, but in the meantime keep your eyes open for the latest update to come.


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