Sega Embraces Meme Culture With Free Sonic Forces “Sanic” DLC

Meme culture is very popular, you can find memes in comment sections, videos and a list of other places. Well, it seems that memes have become so popular that Sega has recognized the “Sanic” meme — a satirical but long running joke in regard to Sonic — and decided to add it as a new item in Sonic Forces as free DLC.

Before further probing and investigating the comments regarding the meme-move by Sega, I’d like to first show you the wonderful free DLC known as “Sanic T-shirt“:

Not only did the tweet read “go fst”, we also have a confirmation of “(Yes, it’s real.)” to assure fans that memes are true and that anything is possible when it comes to well thought out things like Sanic.

As noted above, the comments on the Sanic free DLC announcement pertaining to this news is top notch when it comes to meme aesthetics. We can see a long string of professional and articulate insertion of memes that are quite high when factoring it down to the intellectia of memology.

The memes are well addressed and fit the bill accurately insofar that it’s not just troll posting, but it’s a nod of respect that Sega has come to terms with Sonic being the true blue meme that he was long recognized to be by fans alike.

On a serious note, though, the “Sanic T-shirt” is available for each platform that Sonic Forces is currently on, which includes PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Additionally, you don’t have to put down a single dime for this work of art, meaning you get to outfit your very own Sonic character with a radiation green shirt sporting Sanic on it.

Lastly, this move by Sega has the approval of a lot of gamers around and about, which means that it deserves the sign of Brent Rambo’s approval:


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