Sega Reveals Sonic Forces Official Launch Trailer

Sega has released Sonic Forces official launch trailer ahead of its November 7th debut, which will be for PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. The new trailer shows how the stakes are high with Eggman being a breath away from complete planetary domination.

Sonic fans will have two Sonic games as of the year 2017 with Sega and PagodaWest Games’ Sonic Mania and now Sonic Forces. The latter title, unlike the former, isn’t a 2D game but more like the recent 3D Sonic titles in the series.

Other additions like a create-a-character, assuming different main characters in the story-mode, and equipping different Wispon to suit your play-style will be present in Sonic Forces.

As for the Story Mode we have a summary as to what’s going on in Forces thanks to the game’s official description:

“Eggman has taken over 99% of the planet. Join Sonic and friends as they mount a rebellion to take back their world against some of Sonic’s fiercest villains, and a mysterious new villain with an equally confounding power–Infinite.”

As Sonic and friends attempt to stop Eggman and others from taking over the other 1% of the world, new faces tag along to save the little that remains. You can check out the above in the new launch trailer that sits right here:

At the end of the video we see that Shadow will join in on the action as free DLC. According to the video his story will add-on much more to the base game and looks like there’s no cash connected to his story-line.

If you happen to be intrigued by Sonic Forces’ premise and gameplay shown in the trailer, the game is set to release tomorrow on November 7th. Platforms that Sonic Forces will hit consists of PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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