Sega To Announce Brand New Game On November 21st

Sega has piqued the interest of many gamers and fans alike by opening a teaser website for a brand new game code named “OOOxRPG”. Sega has not released any word on this mystery game’s setting or what platform it will release on, but it is known that it will be unveiled come November 21st.

Nintendo’s old rival back in the day, Sega, seems to be cooking up a new title for folks to indulge in. It’s unclear at this point what this game will be, however seeing that we only have one day before this announcement means that the wait time won’t be long at all.

The thing is about this mystery game is that it will not be anything that we know of; in other words this game won”t be a sequel or continuation of something familiar, due to Sega noting that it’s a “completely new project.” Of course, Sega could just be throwing us for a loop and put out something familiar or they could do something new given that it has “RPG” in its strange name — OOOxRPG.

Speculations floating around suggest that this new game by Sega is a mobile game, but it has yet to be confirmed whether we will see this title on mobile or for PC and home consoles. Given that Sega wants to bring new IPs and revive older titles, which was announced back on May 17th, does mean that the company is serious about this move.

If you want to look at the new teaser website and do some investigation of your own by moseying on over to said site, the link showing cryptic clues and what this game might be sits over on

Finally, do you think that Sega will release the new game as an RPG given that it has RPG on its teaser website or do you think they will do something different?


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