Skyrim Mod Outlaws And Revolutionaries Brings New Quests And Characters

A big new Skyrim mod is now available to download for PC through NexusMods. This new mod goes by the name of Outlaws and Revolutionaries, and comes in by modder Thuggysmurf. Bethesda’s Skyrim is out now for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One.

The new mod by Thuggysmurf for Skyrim offers quite a bit. For starters, the new mod brings 27 quests to indulge in, fully voiced characters, new characters, new locations, spells, armor, weapons, and companions.

Smaller quests will have you doing the basics, but within the realms of Outlaws and Revolutionaries’ rules. Looking over to bigger quests, there’s much more to get lost in that can’t be found in the vanilla game.

According to the devs, the “larger quests” include plots to wipe out the Thalmor, imprison the Thieves Guild, stifle an Imperial counterfeiting operation, unweave a Daedric curse, help a new emperor of Tamriel, and acquire all new items and weapons.

If you happen to complete all of the quests in the game there happens to be repeatable quests. These repeatable quests given by the companions in this mod allow you to:

  • Hunt and kill bounty targets
  • Deal drugs and kill rival drug dealers
  • Hunt Maven Black Briar and the Thieves Guild
  • Find new Words of Power
  • Search out skill books
  • Acquire enchanted weapons, armor, and other items
  • Recover stolen war artifacts
  • Discover all new places

The trailer for this mod, noted to be on the same scale of DLC, can be seen right here. The minute long video runs through key parts in Outlaws and Revolutionaries, which comes in by Formado721.

The modder happened to be upfront on the mod’s NexusMods page regarding PS4, Xbox One, and Switch variants. Folks looking forward to any of the above home console versions of this mod will not gain access to any of them, meaning that it’s currently PC only.

You can download Thuggysmurf’s Outlaws and Revolutionaries on NexusMods.

Bethesda’s Skyrim is out now for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One. A Switch version is set to launch come November 17th, 2017.