SOMA Is Coming To Xbox One With A “Safe Mode” That Will Be Perfect For Game Journalists
SOMA Xbox One

If you’re a video game journalist, chances are you aren’t a real gamer. You probably live with your parents, got by on a trust fund, flunked out of college for any meaningful courses that could be applied to make a decent living, or you’re a Marxist infiltrator with the express purpose of ruining the video game industry for real gamers like myself by turning it into a politically-charged wasteland.

Well, for those game journalists out there who hate video games, challenges, or anything in life that requires skill or effort, Frictional Games has you covered with the brand new “Safe Mode” for their horror-survival game SOMA, which is set to re-release on the Xbox One on December 1st.

The Safe Mode is an optional feature in SOMA for Xbox One and for PC that will remove the dangers from the abominations that walk beneath the surface of the sea. Basically you don’t have to worry about dying or getting caught, or having to spend time worrying about the dangers as you explore the environment, checking out the locations and attempt to engross yourself further into the lore.

The leisurely mode wasn’t really put on display in the Xbox One trailer, but it does highlight a few of the monstrosities that you’ll encounter but won’t be harmed by if you decide to play with Safe Mode on.

It’s a game journalist’s wet dream come true: a challenging game where the challenge is removed!

Even better yet for the devs, they might even receive a positive score without having to crawl under the table to give lip service to incompetent reviewers.

If you missed out on SOMA before it was actually a quality-made game for PC and PS4. It hearkened back to the old-school of survival-horror that relied on classic puzzles and timing rather than having a massive amount of armament at your disposal or being stuck with just a walking sim that guides you through without having to do anything. Then again, with the Safe Mode turned on it practically is a walking simulator… except for still having to complete the puzzles, trek through the underwater mazes, and deal with a few other navigational challenges.

The Safe Mode will be available at launch for the Xbox One and on PC at a simultaneous date. PS4 gamers will have to wait a while before they can get their hands on the Safe Mode.

Unfortunately the press release doesn’t say anything about Xbox One X support.


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