Sonic Adventure 1 And 2 Vinyl Soundtracks Arrive This Winter
Sonic Adventure

Brave Wave Productions announced that they have teamed up with Sega to release vinyl editions of the original Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 soundtracks. The double soundtrack bundle will contain hand-picked songs from the Sonic series compose Jun Senoue, and will feature special artwork and interviews within the booklet that comes with the double-LP.

The vinyl features a 180-gram blue and white design for the original Sonic Adventure, and a 180-gram blue and red design for Sonic Adventure 2, which has Shadow the Hedgehog on it.

Both albums come with the aforementioned booklet containing the interview with Jun Senoue and Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka, along with notes from Digital Foundry’s John Linneman.

The first album features songs from the original Sonic Adventure from back in 1998, while the second album sports a select number of songs from Sonic Adventure 2, which came out in 2001. Both games were for Sega’s popular Dreamcast game console… the last major console that Sega ever released.

Fans of the blue hedgehog will likely want to get in on the action when the album bundle becomes available this winter. All of the songs have been remastered so you can hear your favorites in high-quality for the first time through an LP.

Obviously, though, this is more of a collector’s item than something you’ll want to jam out to every once in a while. I mean, there are digital versions of the soundtracks available right now and you don’t have to worry about scratching them up or damaging the finish.

You can learn more about the Sonic Adventure double-LP by visiting the official website. Pre-orders will be available soon, and you can check out the official track lists for both albums below.


A1. Introduction …featuring “Open Your Heart”
A2. It Doesn’t Matter …Theme of “SONIC”
A3. Welcome to Station Square
A4. Azure Blue World …for Emerald Coast
A5. Run Through The Speed Highway …for Speed Highway
A6. Pleasure Castle …for Twinkle Park

B1. Believe In Myself …Theme of “MILES”
B2. Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy …for Ice Cap
B3. Theme of “Dr. EGGMAN”
B4. Mt. Red: a Symbol of Thrill …for Red Mountain
B5. Blue Star …for Casinopolis
B6. Lazy Days ~Livin’ in Paradise~ …Theme of “BIG”

C1. My Sweet Passion …Theme of “AMY”
C2. Mystic Ruin
C3. Theme of “TIKAL”
C4. Unknown from M.E. …Theme of “KNUCKLES”
C5. Theme of “CHAO”

D1. Bad Taste Aquarium …for Hot Shelter
D2. Egg Carrier – A Song That Keeps Us On The Move
D3. Skydeck A Go! Go! …for Sky Deck
D4. Theme of “E-102γ”
D5. Open Your Heart …Main Theme of “SONIC ADVENTURE”


A1. SA2 …Main Riff for “Sonic Adventure 2”
A2. It Doesn’t Matter …Theme of “SONIC”
A3. Event: Let’s Make It!
A4. Escape From The City …for City Escape
A5. That’s The Way I Like It …for Metal Harbor
A6. Won’t Stop, Just Go! …for Green Forest
A7. Live & Learn …Main Theme of “SONIC ADVENTURE 2”

B1. Unknown from M.E. …Theme of “KNUCKLES”
B2. A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup …for Pumpkin Hill
B3. Dive Into The Mellow …for Aquatic Mine
B4. Believe In Myself …Theme of “MILES”
B5. This Way Out …for Prison Lane

C1. Throw It All Away …Theme of “SHADOW”
C2. Vengeance Is Mine …for Radical Highway
C3. Rhythm And Balance …for White Jungle
C4. The Supernatural …for Final Chase
C5. For True Story …for Sonic vs. Shadow
C6. Supporting Me …for Biolizard

D1. Fly In The Freedom …Theme of “ROUGE”
D2. Lovely Gate 3 …for Egg Quarters
D3. I’m A Spy …for Security Hall
D4. E.G.G.M.A.N. …Theme of “Dr. EGGMAN”
D5. Soarin’ Over The Space …for Cosmic Wall


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