SpellForce 3 Trailer Highlights Human Faction Ahead Of December Release
Spellforce 3 Nortander

THQ Nordic and Grimlore Games released a new trailer for the upcoming SpellForce 3 for PC. The trailer focuses on the human faction in the game, discussing the history of the faction, and showcases some of the siege weapons that will be at the disposal of the human faction during the gameplay.

SpellForce 3 is set to release on December 7th next month for PC. Leading up to the release THQ will be showcasing the three playable factions in the game, and they decided to start by showcasing the Humans of Nortander, a people who have a long history of having their country torn asunder from perpetual war and factional in-fighting. However, when the time comes to defend their country from invasion and keep the xenos out, they band together to keep their race pure.

You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what the human settlements and structures look like in the upcoming RTS-RPG.

The core game itself will have a full-on campaign mode that you’ll be able to play through, which is set before the events of SpellForce: The Order of Dawn. The story unfolds over the course of a 30 hour campaign, and it also features cooperative play as well.

Additionally, there is a PvP mode that allows you to compete against up to five other players in a mode where you race to increase your skills, build up your army and attempt to take down your foes before they lay siege to your keep.

Graphically the game reminds me a lot of the old Baldur’s Gate games, with that Western fantasy-medieval flair that companies like Black Isle Studios and BioWare were known for back in the late 1990s and early aughts. These days a lot of gamers have a samey look with uninspired visuals. Grimlore Games appears to want to rekindle the classic RPG feeling while exploring and expanding the possibilities of intense combative engagements by throwing in large scale RTS conflict as well.

You can look for SpellForce 3 to go live on December 7th next month, exclusively on PC. If the game seems interesting to you, be sure to check out the official website.


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