SpellForce 3 Trailer Showcases Orcs Razing The World
Spellforce 3 Orcs

The latest trailer for SpellForce 3 has rolled out, this time focusing on the third playable faction… the Orcs.

The trailer focuses on the ethos of the Orcs, following on a description from the press release that explains that the Orcs are all about fierce tactics and strong-arming opponents with relentless, blood-fueled combat.

They rely on fighters, wolf-raiders, giant trolls and foul magic to fell their foes. You can see how the faction plays out with the near two minute trailer below.

The opening 30 seconds is pretty badass. The quote about the deer and wolves fit perfectly with the way Grimlore Games is attempting to portray the Orcs… as a vicious, ruthless horde who build weapons of devastation and amass armies for the razing.

The music, the look, and the flyover of the Orc village where a giant troll stands atop a cliff side, chained and trapped, waiting to fulfill the will of his masters.

It’s not long after that we get to see the Orcs razing the forests to the ground under the billowing plumes of dark smoke and the bright embers of burning trees, emblazoned by the flickering light of an undying fire.

There’s a hopeless rage emanating from the Orc armies that might appeal to players who enjoy setting carnage and destruction loose upon the world.

Gameplay wise, Spellforce 3 doesn’t really stand up to the likes of Creative Assembly’s Total War: Warhammer given that those games are on a completely different level, but I imagine for those who like Gothic, medieval fantasy they might enjoy SpellForce 3.

And just to rub it into the face of EA’s CFO, Blake Jorgensen, the game features a single-player campaign that spans 30 full hours. So if you hate playing with people, Grimlore Games has you covered.

You can look for SpellForce 3 to drop for PC starting December 7th this year. For further information feel free to visit the official website.


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