SpellForce 3 Trailer Tours The Lavish Designs Of Elven Culture
SpellForce 3 Elves

A new video was dropped online from THQ Nordic and Grimoire Games for the upcoming SpellForce 3. The minute and a half long trailer covers the game’s Elvish forces and the various types of structures that players will be able to build to accommodate the bourgeois fantasy race.

The trailer has a brief voice over detailing some of the Elven culture – how their buildings are constructed, what they enjoy, what you can expect from their armies, etc., etc. The trailer isn’t highly detailed but it does give you a look at the stark difference between the human settlements and the Elven settlements.

You can check out the trailer below to get a look at some of the structures and Elven civilizations you can construct within SpellForce 3.

The isle of Finon Mir is the subject of discussion, where we see the dock yards and fishermen off the shore, corrugated structures adorning pathways leading from lavishly designed manors to garish gazebos lining the forests.

There’s an obvious element of architectural over-garnishing to highlight the excessively eloquent nature of Elven culture. As mentioned, it’s very different from the more practical and Earthy designs utilized by the human forces.

The voice-over speaks of the Elves having to travel as nomads to find a place to call their own. Players will likely find themselves tasked with attempting to build up the Elf race while fending off attacks from the other rival races. We briefly get to see some of the RTS combat in action before the trailer fades to black.

Originally I thought that SpellForce 3 seemed like another copycat clone but then I realized that outside of Warhammer there aren’t many fantasy-RTS games populating the market the way they did back in the day. I suppose if you’ve been craving for a fantasy RTS game, you can look for SpellForce 3 to quench your thirst come December 7th, next month.

For more information, feel free to visit the official website.


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