Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 Overview Video Covers What’s Playable Right Now
Star Citizen alpha 3.0

Now that Star Citizen’s alpha 3.0 has been made available and gamers have been publishing a lot of content and videos that cover the features of the latest major update. Now that the NDA is gone, and the alpha 3.0 has evolved out of “Evocati”, gamers have given a rundown of everything currently available in the current version of Star Citizen.

YouTuber Bored Gamer put together a 15 minute video covering all types of different features in alpha 3.0, and it’s beefy. In addition to talking about all of the features, he also showcases what it’s like to travel around the different procedurally generated planets and how the new physics work, the new kiosks, how the insurance system works, and covers how the new cargo system operates. You can view the video below.

Insurance systems and ship retrieval is in place.

Oxygen runs out slowly in places where the atmosphere doesn’t have oxygen. You will also run out of oxygen a lot quicker if you use up more stamina.

Status effects based on oxygen and damage is present, along with airlock effects, door manipulation and door locks.

Kiosks have been added so you can buy items, try on armor, interact with NPCs.

The new modular mission system has been added to the game as well, including but not limited to missions that involve waste disposal, derelict investigation, assassinations, escorts, and cargo transporting.

The weapon systems have been updated and implemented, new armor for Star Marine has been included, new weapons for Star Marine have been added, and new hit detection and hit reactions have been added.

The ship traffic controller has been added as well, so in public places players will have to use the Mobiglas commands to communicate with the comms tower to request landing at space stations and orbital platforms. However, you are also able to land anywhere you want on the moons, planet surfaces, or large enough asteroids.

YouTuber STL Youngblood also discusses and showcases how to use the Rover and how well it functions on a moon’s surface.

Upon first glance the first thing that comes to mind is that this is how Mass Effect: Andromeda should have looked.

The video reveals the global illumination lighting mechanics that the expert engineers at Cloud Imperium Games have managed to implement, and we also get to see how the physics operate as well.

The game looks like a cinematic sequence in motion, and yet it’s all real-time gameplay.

As tempting as it is to purchase a version of the alpha to play around in the procedurally generated universe, I think skeptics will likely want to wait until the full version of alpha 3.0 to release before diving in.

It looks like fans who were awaiting a proper Mass Effect experience, you might find it in Star Citizen once it moves into beta.


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