Star Citizen Alpha 3.0’s PTU Release Window Gets Hazy
Star Citizen - Quantum Travel

The latest episode of Around the Verse for Star Citizen covers how far they’ve come in alpha 3.0 and how far they have to go before it moves into the PTU. The episode starts with the Burn Down feature, where they talk about all the bugs they’ve tackled in the past week and what they need to tackle before it’s public-ready.

The episode is 32 minutes long and covers all of the major issues they’re working on fixing and some of the quantum travel featured in Star Citizen. You can view the video below.

One of the issues they were working on fixing up were kiosks. This week they managed to fix most of the bugs and have begun working on bespoke kiosks that will be featured across each planet and each station. All of the bugs and features associated with shopping have finally been fixed.

They also ran into a nasty bug where spawning a second ship onto a populated server would cause all the lights to go out and all the player controls to go null.

On the better side of the bug-squashing trek, the mobiglas issues have been getting stamped out rather frequently. Not only have they squashed the bugs but they also cleaned up the quality of life features for mobiglas as well by making some of the options and menus more streamlined and beautified.

They didn’t say how many bugs they squashed in total this time around, nor was there a time frame issued on how far away they are from alpha 3.0 being released into PTU. So it’s a hot shot in the dark when it comes to how far off they are from alpha 3.0 heading into PTU at this point.

The next half of the episode focuses on the overhauled quantum travel. The designers had to move away from a linear binary quantum travel and moved over to a more aquiline system that gives you a more smooth and ramped up quantum travel experience.

The quantum travel is a lot more organic now, using curved velocity in order to create a more dynamic quantum travel experience.

Things get quite technical as they explain how the quantum travel is conducted, measured, executed, and completed within Star Citizen. It looks gorgeous but it took a a lot to get there.

Unfortunately we still have no clue when alpha 3.0 heads into the PTU, though. Gamers will simply have to keep an eye on the production schedule over on the Roberts Space Industries website.


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