Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Campaign Ending Explained
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Ending Explained

EA and DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront II  for PC, PS4 and Xbox One is one of the most controversial games ever made, and it’s not just because it’s coming out during a time when Disney and LucasFilm have made the Star Wars brand decidedly political. The game is mired in the hubris of marketers and money men intent on putting loot boxes and microtransactions as priorities ahead of making a fun, long lasting game. Even still, if you were curious how the story goes for the game, this article will give you a quick summary of what happens at the end.

The game starts with Iden captured on a Rebel cruiser. In turns out that Iden being captured was just a ruse, and she was purposefully allowed to be captured in order to steal a transmission from the Rebel ship that would help the Empire lay a trap for the Rebels.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Iden Bomb

Iden successfully manages to complete the mission and escape thanks to a well laid plan involving her other Inferno Squad team mates, Gideon Hask and Del Meeko.

Iden and the rest of Inferno Squad make their way to Endor after the Rebels attack the Death Star. While on the moon of Endor attempting to secure the shield generators, they witness the Death Star blow up before their eyes. Iden blames the Empire’s failure on the Emperor, saying that his hubris and lack of foresight cost them the victory; Hask chides her on speaking with a treasonous tone.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Luke Meets Del

After escaping Endor, Del is sent on a mission to Pilio to destroy one of the Emperor’s secret caches. However, while on the planet Del encounters Luke Skywalker, who was drawn to the planet after being beckoned by the Force. The duo end up teaming up after Del’s men are wiped out and bugs from the planet’s core begin attacking them. Luke manages to recover a compass from the Emperor’s stash and the two part ways.

Back on the Corvus Iden’s father, Admiral Garrick Versio, tasks the Inferno Squad with a special mission to help the Captain of the Star Destroyer called The Dauntless to get a series of satellite arrays setup over the planet Vardos.

Vardos happens to be the home world for Iden, Del, Hask and the rest of Inferno Squad.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Gleb

After setting up the satellite arrays the team is sent down to the planet to recover a special Imperial trainer named Gleb. While on the surface of the planet the trio realize that the satellite arrays are creating storms that will ultimately destroy their home world. During the mission briefing Iden’s father explains to her that they have to strike fear in the galaxy, so they decide to destroy their own Imperial-occupied worlds to make everyone else fear them. Forlorn after hopelessly arguing with her father about sparing Vardos and the people, Iden reluctantly proceeds to carry out the mission anyway.

However, while on the planet’s surface – and as the storm begins to become more violent – Iden decides to change her mind when the people on Vardos begin begging for their help. Iden and Hask begin to argue, and Hask draws his weapon but is shot in the leg by Iden. Hask informs Admiral Versio that Iden and Del are traitors, resulting in the Empire putting a death warrant on the duo’s heads.

Iden and Del manage to rescue some of the civilians and escape from Vardos on the Corvus before the storms wipe out everything.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Leia and Iden

Distraught and dejected, Iden and Del decide to turn themselves over to the Rebels in exchange for asylum. However, the Rebels mostly welcome them with open arms and allow Iden and Del to join their ranks.

Iden and Del go on a series of missions to help out the Rebels and even get their own pair of X-Wings. They, however, still get to keep the Corvus.

They end up helping Princess Leia protect Theed on Naboo and rescuing Han Solo from an Imperial air raid.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Han Solo

During this time Iden attempts to track down her father, Admiral Versio. She and Del manage to attack an Imperial base and find Commander Hask there, but during the fight Hask is able to escape.

Iden and Del get another chance at Admiral Versio when the Rebels and Empire engage in a massive battle over the deserts of Jakku, which happens to be the battle that precedes the events from Star Wars – Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

During the battle of Jakku, Versio shows up on his Star Destroyer, The Eviscerator.

Iden manages to crash land on the Star Destroyer and make her way inside in hopes of rescuing her father, but he cucks out… literally. He tells her he’s unworthy to live and that she was the brave one and that she could see the weaknesses of the Empire but he couldn’t, and therefore she deserves to live peacefully and he doesn’t. He opts to go down with his ship as Iden practically shrugs and escapes the vessel.

Throughout the game there were poorly planted seeds that Del was into Iden, and as the two carried out more missions for the Rebels, Iden’s guard continually dropped. The two flirted on various missions, foreshadowing what was to come.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Del Marries Iden

Del retrieves Iden after she uses an escape pod to get off of the Eviscerator before it crashes.  The two clumsily embrace in a kiss and eventually hook up and have a daughter.

Decades later the emo-Sith, Kylo Ren, arrives on a planet to meet Gleb. The Imperial trainer’s men managed to capture Del, who was on the planet with the Corvus.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Kylo Ren

Kylo mind-rapes Del using the Force, and manages to penetrate Del’s thoughts… without his consent.

Kylo finds out that Del had met Luke Skywalker before and that Luke took the Emperor’s Force compass. Kylo attempts to find out where the map is that will lead him to Luke Skywalker. Del breaks from the Force rape, and tells Kylo that Lor San Tekka has the map that will lead Kylo to Luke Skywalker and that Lor San Tekka took the map to Bayora.

Once Kylo gets done raping Del’s mind, he leaves and tells his men to do with them as they please. Hask comes in and kills Del.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Del Dies

Commander Hask tells Gleb to bury Del and his crews’ bodies but leave the Corvus alone. He plans on setting a trap for Iden Versio, hoping she will come find the Corvus.

Meanwhile, Kylo has Gleb and Hask continue Operation Resurrection.

The rest of the ending will be revealed in the final mission “Operation Resurrection” when EA releases the DLC on December 13th.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Resurrection - Zay

Now that the Resurrection DLC has been made available, it picks up right where the main campaign mode ends.

Iden and her daughter Zay (not Rey) are informed about the Corvus and Del going missing. The duo team up with Shriv and head back to Vardos to confront Gleb. However, when they reach Vardos they discover that Gleb has been killed and that it was all a setup to lure Iden into a trap setup by Hask.

Hask wants to ruin Iden’s life in the same way he claims she ruined his life when her and Del betrayed the Empire. Hask has the Retribution Star Destroyer to shoot the Corvus out of the sky, which has Zay on it.

Devastated, Iden and Shriv manage to escape from the clutches of Hask and the First Order when an insurgency on Vardos attack the First Order.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Resurrection - Resting Old Face

After originally being devastated thinking Zay died in the Corvus’ crash, it turns out that she managed to escape using a pod. Zay, Shriv and Iden sneak onto the Retribution and hack into the database to discover that Project Resurrection is the First Order’s attempt to rebuild their ranks by stealing kids from poor planets and forcing them to become Stormtroopers.

The trio steal the data using Iden’s droid, Dio. Before they escape, however, Iden and Zay decide to destroy the Retribution’s hyperdrive system. They manage to do so but before they can escape Hask attempts to capture Zay. A fight breaks out and during the scuffle Iden is shot by Hask, and Hask is shot by Iden and falls to his death into the power conductors below.

Iden dies before they can get off the Retribution, and Zay takes the droid, Dio, back to Shriv and they give the data to General Leia Organa. Zay says she wants to join the Resistance, and Leia gives her a new mission to recruit more rebels from the Outer Rim.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Resurrection - Iden's Death


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