Street Fighter 5 Mod Turns Ryu Into Kung Fury
Street Fighter 5 - Kung Fury

A Kung Fury mod is available for Street Fighter V, turning Ryu into the eponymous hero who wears classic 1980s inspired clothes and packs a mean punch.

The mod was created by Khaledragon666 and is featured over on the archive for Street Fighter V mods. You can download two different versions of the mod:
Ryu wearing shades.
Ryu without the shades.

The outfit sees Ryu wearing ripped jeans, red and white sneakers, a black belt, a black leather jacket with rolled up sleeves, fingerless gloves, a red t-shirt, and the red bandanna. Ryu looks surprising badass in the outfit.

This is definitely something that will appeal to fans of the Kickstarter short-film that saw the time-traveling, kung-fu cop fighting Nazis using his indomitable martial arts skills.

If that wasn’t enough there’s also a Gwenpool mod that Khaledragon666 rolled out as well.

gwenpool da_by_khaledantar666-dbgzhom

The mod sees R. Mika cosplaying as one of the only few popular characters still in circulation these days among Marvel’s dumpster fire of comic books. Maybe it’s because she’s not afraid to show off some of those hips and thighs? She’s also one of the few female comic book characters that hasn’t been turned into a manly looking butch-diver or a carpet cruncher pretending to be a fan of banana smoothies.

It’s kind of funny because Gwenpool is essentially a cosplayer who became a haphazard anti-hero of sorts, and so R. Mika is cosplaying as a cosplayer.

Anyway, the outfit sees the buxom and curvaceous wrestler with her thighs completely bare, and straps along her legs to hold her pouches and weapons. The one-piece leotard covers up her entire upper body save for a cutout around her mouth. The zipper along the front keeps her bouncy upper-body buddies in place while still highlighting their shapely form.

You can download the R. Mika Gwenpool mod from over on


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