Strictly Limited Games Set To Release Physical Indie Games For PS4, Switch, PS Vita
Strictly Limited Games

Strictly Limited Games is aiming to muscle in on the physical game distribution market of indie titles, single-A games, and double-A games currently dominated by Limited Run Games. The company, based out of Germany, hopes to produce at least one physical copy of an indie or mid-budget title each and every single month for home consoles.

Dennis Mendel and Benedict Braitsch have already established a series of games they want to release physically, starting with Mode 7’s Tokyo 42 for the PlayStation 4, which has 2,600 physical copies made and 90% of them have already sold-through to customers at the set price of $35.78.

They plan on releasing a physical copy of Sayonara UmiharaKawase ++ for the PlayStation Vita as well, which will also accompany a digital release of the game.

They also have plans on publishing an unannounced title from Ryuichi Nishizawa, the creator of Wonder Boy. They say it will please fans entrapped in the nostalgia of the golden age of 1990s’ gaming. Details on that title will be coming soon.

According to Strictly Limited Games…

“ The overarching objective of Strictly Limited Games is to help establish a stronger identity for games as an art form, and delivering a consumer goods experience to video game collectors. In order to emphasize the high quality creative output of the video game Independent developers community, Strictly Limited Games are also offering art prints and/or soundtracks depending on the games.”

The curated selection of various indie, mid-budget, and niche games being made available as physical purchases will extend beyond the PS4 and PS Vita. The company also has plans on distributing physical releases of select Nintendo Switch indie games as well.

This is great news for collectors and those who value ownership of their products. In an age where games-as-a-service are designed to be increasingly anti-consumer and to restrict ownership rights to the effect of preventing people from even playing games they paid for by revoking digital user licenses, it’s nice to know that companies like Strictly Limited Games are still around to help retain the integrity of physical game releases.

For further information, feel free to visit the official Strictly Limited Games website.


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